Sites we've been a part of

Center for Children & Youth Justice: Informational site to help educate donors, funders, and volunteers. Site created in WordPress.

Group Health Community Foundation: Informational site for the Group Health Community Foundation. Site created in WordPress.

Don't Be Neutral: Informational site for Initiative 732 in Washington State. Site created in Squarespace.
(Site no longer live.)

IslandWood: Extensive multi-use Drupal site for a unique 255-acre outdoor learning center.

NatureBridge: Extensive multi-use Drupal site for a nation-wide group that teaches environmental science in our National Parks.

Coastal Camp: Site designed to showcase NatureBridge's summer camp offerings. Created in Squarespace.

Open Space Puget Sound: Site designed to help public and private sector politicians, planners, and policy professionals understand the Regional Open Space Strategy initiative. Site created in Drupal, using a parallax theme.

Puget Sound Restoration Fund: Information site, using Drupal, for a non-profit that works collaboratively to restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound.

Bainbridge Rowing Center: Information and donation site, using Drupal, for a local rowing club.

Progress Alliance of Washington: Information site for a progressive group to aid investments.

Positive Energy: Information site, using Drupal, for a local community group.
(Site no longer live.)

RePower Bainbridge: Information site, using Drupal, for a federally-funded project to reduce energy use on Bainbridge Island.
(Site no longer live.)

Food Addiction Summit: Information site for a summit on food addiction and obesity issues.

The Mother House Fund: Information site, using Drupal, for a non-profit whose mission is to support local and international programs and initiatives that effect positive change now and in the future.

Seattle Area Support Groups and Community Center: Information site and discussion areas for a community center. Built in Drupal.

For profit businesses
Lost Arts LLC Lost Arts: Conversion of a Flash-based site to Drupal for a local architect.

Bainbridge Senior Living: Site redesign, using Drupal, for a local senior living company.

PHC Construction: Information site for a local construction company.

Steve Trick: Brochure site for a local woodworker. Built in Drupal. Photos by Marc Shor.

Roger Katz & Associates: Showcase of homes and services for an architecture firm.

The Island Gateway: Information site for a planned development.

Essay Tango: Business site for college essay professional. Built in Wordpress using a responsive design.

Edsforth Consulting: Information site for non-profit consultant.

Salty Dog Wash: Information site for a local business. Built in Drupal

Emily Anthony Consulting: Information site for non-profit consultant. Built in Drupal.

Nonprofitnotes: Newsletter and conversation site for non-profit consultants. Built in Drupal.

College Advisory Service: Brochure site for a small business. Built in Drupal.

Edmund Lowe Photography: Portfolio site for commercial photographer.

Wilkinson Sports and Life Performance: Information site for a baseball academy. Built in Drupal.

Cutting Torch Media:
Portfolio and information site for digital media consultant.

Carol Cassella: Information site for best-selling author. Built in Drupal.

Mary Jane Rehm: Portfolio site for color consultant.

Kcube Designs: Information site for a maker of hand-made wooden puzzles.

Woolpets: Information and sales site for a local small business.

Groff Murphy: Commercial site for a law firm.

Wacky Nut Farm: Commercial site for a sustainably-designed, environmentally-friendly equestrian facility.

Carney-Cargill: A responsive site, in Drupal, for a local insurance brokerage.

More sites available upon request