Sites we've been a part of

HomeSight Opportunity Center Women's Funding Alliance:
Branding refresh for an organization that inspires giving and action that advances leadership and economic opportunity for women and girls. Site created in WordPress.

HomeSight Opportunity Center Educurious:
Branding refresh for a non-profit, education change-maker, whose project-based learning curriculum empowers youth to take charge of their learning. Site created in WordPress.

HomeSight Opportunity Center HomeSight Opportunity Center:
Informational site for Seattle's first community-driven equitable development project. A creative response to the pressures of extraordinary growth in Seattle. Site created in Squarespace.

Korean Americans in Action Korean Americans in Action:
Informational site for a new organization to increase memberships and donations. Site created in WordPress.

Byrd Barr Place:
Branding refresh for an organization that nurtures a more equitable Seattle through programs and advocacy that enable people to live healthier, prosperous lives. Site created in WordPress.

Partnership for Learning:
Informational and resource site for an organization that is working to ensure that in 2030, 70% of Washington students will earn the credentials they need for career success, by age 26. Site created in WordPress.

Powerful Beyond Measure:
Informational site, with donation opportunities, for an organization that develops strong female leaders from marginalized communities in the U.S. and Africa by bringing high school girls from the U.S. to Africa to live and learn side-by-side with their African peers. Site created in Squarespace.

Equal Opportunity Schools:
Informational site for an organization trying to increase equitable enrollment in high-school AP and IB classes. Site created in WordPress.

Create initial structure for individual city pages as the initiative expands. Site created in WordPress.

Strong Start to Finish:
Informational site, and grant portal, for a non-profit building momentum for postsecondary success. Site created in Drupal.

Annual report for Ploughshares Fund created in a visually exciting and compelling way. Site created in Drupal.

STG Presents:
Annual report for Seattle Theatre Group created in a visually exciting and compelling way. Site created in Drupal.

Center for Children & Youth Justice: Informational site to help educate donors, funders, and volunteers. Site created in WordPress.

Group Health Community Foundation: Informational site for the Group Health Community Foundation. Site created in WordPress, and also available in Spanish.

Don't Be Neutral: Informational site for Initiative 732 in Washington State. Site created in Squarespace.
(Site no longer live.)

IslandWood: Extensive multi-use Drupal site for a unique 255-acre outdoor learning center.

NatureBridge: Extensive multi-use Drupal site for a nation-wide group that teaches environmental science in our National Parks.

Coastal Camp: Site designed to showcase NatureBridge's summer camp offerings. Created in Squarespace.

Open Space Puget Sound: Site designed to help public and private sector politicians, planners, and policy professionals understand the Regional Open Space Strategy initiative. Site created in Drupal, using a parallax theme.

Puget Sound Restoration Fund: Information site, using Drupal, for a non-profit that works collaboratively to restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound.

Bainbridge Rowing Center: Information and donation site, using Drupal, for a local rowing club. (Site no longer available.)

Progress Alliance of Washington: Information site for a progressive group to aid investments.

Positive Energy: Information site, using Drupal, for a local community group.
(Site no longer available.)

RePower Bainbridge: Information site, using Drupal, for a federally-funded project to reduce energy use on Bainbridge Island.
(Site no longer available.)

Food Addiction Summit: Information site for a summit on food addiction and obesity issues.

The Mother House Fund: Information site, using Drupal, for a non-profit whose mission is to support local and international programs and initiatives that effect positive change now and in the future.

Seattle Area Support Groups and Community Center: Information site and discussion areas for a community center. Built in Drupal. (Original site no longer available.)

For profit businesses
Lost Arts LLC Lost Arts: Conversion of a Flash-based site to Drupal for a local architect.

Bainbridge Senior Living: Site redesign, using WordPress, for a local senior living company.

PHC Construction: Information site for a local construction company.

Steve Trick: Brochure site for a local woodworker. Built in Drupal. Photos by Marc Shor. (Site no longer available.)

Roger Katz & Associates: Showcase of homes and services for an architecture firm.

The Island Gateway: Information site for a planned development. (Original site no longer available.)

Essay Tango: Business site for college essay professional. Built in Wordpress using a responsive design.

Edsforth Consulting: Information site for non-profit consultant. Built in SquareSpace.

Salty Dog Wash: Information site for a local business. Built in Drupal.

Emily Anthony Consulting: Information site for non-profit consultant. Built in Drupal.

Nonprofitnotes: Newsletter and conversation site for non-profit consultants. Built in Drupal.

College Advisory Service: Brochure site for a small business. Built in SquareSpace.

Edmund Lowe Photography: Portfolio site for commercial photographer.

Wilkinson Sports and Life Performance: Information site for a baseball academy. Built in Drupal. (Original site no longer available.)

Cutting Torch Media:
Portfolio and information site for digital media consultant.

Carol Cassella: Information site for best-selling author. Built in Drupal.

Mary Jane Rehm: Portfolio site for color consultant.

Kcube Designs: Information site for a maker of hand-made wooden puzzles.

Woolpets: Information and sales site for a local small business.

Groff Murphy: Commercial site for a law firm.

Wacky Nut Farm: Commercial site for a sustainably-designed, environmentally-friendly equestrian facility.

Carney-Cargill: A responsive site, in Drupal, for a local insurance brokerage.

More sites available upon request